iFLEX Adjustable Cell Phone Stand and Tablet Stand for Work and Home – Flexible Phone Holder is The Perfect iPhone Stand for Video Calls and Holds Any Device – Non-Slip Grip, Strong and Durable



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The iFLEX (patent pending) is a versatile, flexible cell phone & tablet holder. It literally has 100’s of uses! Use the iFLEX while you are on an airplane, in the car, at the office, on vacation or at home. You can bend & shape the iFLEX in just about any position. The iFLEX is made from a sturdy, flexible memory metal that is encased in a gripping, flexible, food-grade silicone…giving it a long lasting life at a great value Why do you need the iFLEX in your life? BECAUSE ? Traveling by airplane? Hang iFLEX from the tray table, magazine rack or head rest & keep your spine & head aligned when viewing your cell phone or tablet ? Prevent stiff necks and sore wrists. Use the iFLEX to hold your cell phone at eye level while on long flights or while on a Netflix binge ? When attached to your kitchen cabinet shelf, the iFLEX keeps you hands-free while you are cooking & looking at recipes or watching a movie ? Stand-up desk at work? Attach The iFLEX to your cubicle wall to have an eye level view of your phone during a video chat. Use the iFLEX to hold your notes while you type. Use the iFLEX to hold your pens or remotes so you never lose them ? Stuck on a long layover at the airport? Watch a movie! Just bend the iFLEX around your suitcase handle & watch the latest movie, hands-free, at eye level ? Need some ‘me time’? Bend The iFLEX to fit any shelf, ledge or flat surface so you never miss a text, show or song while you soak in your bath tub oasis. The iFLEX is waterproof ? Keep the peace! The iFLEX can hold two mobile devices at once for peaceful viewing from both sides so all of the kiddos can huddle around & enjoy 2 shows at once ? MOST IMPORTANT The iFLEX can be used as a taco holder. NO LIE! It holds tacos! Not really it’s main use, but it’s that flexible & fun! ? The iFLEX definitely makes your life easier! ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE, SHOW US YOUR FLEX!
LET THE iFLEX HOLD THAT FOR YOU – The iFLEX is a flexible and adjustable smartphone holder and tablet stand that holds your devices so you don’t have to. Enjoy hands-free FaceTime and video calls with this adjustable phone stand that has endless uses. iFLEX is the cellphone stand that offers the perfect viewing angle
WORK FROM HOME ACCESSORIES – The iFLEX is the must-have mobile phone stand and tablet stand. The foldable cell phone stand can be adjusted to any position, so it is at the perfect angle for your Zoom video conferences. Place your iPhone, Android, tablet or iPad where it can be easily viewed at EYE LEVEL. It also holds books, eyeglasses and more
GO HANDS-FREE – Enjoy your cell phone or tablet at the perfect viewing angle. Let the iFLEX make streaming, scrolling and swiping super comfortable. FaceTime, Skype and stream your favorite shows hands-free and reduce neck pain, sore shoulders and tired arms. The iFLEX is also the perfect treadmill phone mount and phone stand for car
TRAVEL READY – Travel gadgets need to be lightweight, the iFLEX weighs just 6oz. Fold it or lay it flat for easy transport or storage in a laptop bag, purse, backpack or pocket. The iFLEX won’t come apart like “would-be” competitors do
NON-SLIP SILICONE – Made from strong and durable Food Grade silicone that is safe in case of chewing by children or pets. The gripping silicone with a flexible memory metal core allows the iFLEX to retain its shape without scratching or harming your mobile device. The iFLEX is sturdy and provides that extra grip to keep your device SAFE. Completely waterproof and washable


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